Throughout December and now into January, M. Scott Verne and I have been fleshing out the final text and edits for City of the Gods: Guardian. The book is on track to be about the size of the first novel. The layout of art is not yet complete, so I don’t have a page count for you yet. We are still hoping to get it to press this month to meet our Kickstarter estimate of a January 2013 publication date.

Creator News

  • I will have a new interview online in mid-February at the Author Quiz blogsite.
  • City of the Gods artist Steve Crompton, and Mythic Tales art and story contributors Liz Danforth and Ken St. Andre, are the unstoppable forces behind the Deluxe Tunnels and Trolls project. If you are a fan of classic tabletop gaming, stop by their Kickstarter. Already fully funded after less than a week, this effort promises to be amazing.

Lastly, I still haven’t motivated myself to correct some email delivery problems. My time is much better spent on City of the Gods: Guardian. If you really need to contact me, tweet to @wynnmercere or DM me at Twitter. I check that service several times a day.