Perhaps not that quickly, but copies of City of the Gods: Guardian have been mailed to all of our Kickstarter donors who pledged at the book level and above.
000 CoG Mailing

What’s next?

We hope to continue our publishing schedule of releasing an anthology in even numbered years (2014) and the next novel in 2015. M. Scott Verne and I have already begun preliminary discussions about plot points for the third novel and several stories have been submitted for Mythic Tales 2. Another gaming tie-in product is also simmering on our back burner.

As for other books, I am hoping to release a solo novel in late 2013/early 2014. This book will be different in tone from the City of the Gods series; however, it does include one character from mythology who has appeared in those books. If you like historical fiction and horror, keep an eye on my blog for more information on this project.