Dragon Con 2013, and all the post-convention euphoria and exhaustion that come with my return, is over. Although I did not manage to get a great deal of book promotion done, I still had a wonderful time. There were several “nuts and bolts” panels I learned a great deal from, including one on streaming content and another on game programming. Both of these new skills will soon be put into practice on new City of the Gods projects.

As for projects already underway, I have written my first scene for Ambassador, the third novel in our series. M.Scott Verne is way ahead of me on writing; he already has several scenes drafted.

I have also created a new blog for a solo paranormal novel that will be out in 2014. Keep your eye on Utopea for some mysterious sneak previews.

Lastly, no one entered the summer convention contest, so alas, no winner to announce.