December Review Showcase

We love to hear what readers think about our City of the Gods novels! If you would like your comments featured in this blog, send them to . This month we heard from Jay Allen Sanford of the San Diego Reader regarding our second book, Guardian.

I thought you and Wynn really tightened up your writing chops – not that the first book lacked, but there’s a confidence and flow to the second book that’s clearly due to more than having the luxury of being in the middle of a lengthy storyline in no rush to be concluded until vol 3.

I was glad to see D’Molay’s re-embracing of his Christianity resulted in him showing a more life-affirming heroic character this time around, instead of casually slaughtering Mayans with little more than an “oops” by way of reaction to his potential girlfriend’s disapproval.

Cool also to see Mordecai turn up, if only briefly as a messenger bat. The reference to his finely attuned fingernails seemed to harken to his “secret” origin story, so that was a chuckle for me!

It’s amazingly seamless, the way the two of you have merged your writing – when I read collaborations like George Clayton Johnson & Bill Nolan or King/Straub, it’s often easy to pick out bits and pieces clearly from one of the other. But COTG doesn’t come across at all as puzzle-pieces forced to fit via word processing alone.

Thanks, Jay! It’s good to hear that our styles merged more smoothly in this second effort. That’s something we continue to strive for in each new book. As for D’Molay, his character does continue to evolve toward the good as he deals with his renewed spiritual convictions. Yet we will find that stepping down the path of light isn’t going to completely relieve him of his struggles in book three. As for Mordecai and other minor characters who populate this world, we do try to incorporate little details from the Mythic Tales stories that others have contributed.


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