With M.Scott Verne and Steve Crompton super busy on other projects at the moment, I have volunteered to get things moving on our second short story anthology. Our Mythic Tales titles are collections of adventures set in the City of the Gods Universe. While the “stars” of City of the Gods do appear in some of these stories, our side characters step into the spotlight here, interacting with gods and mythologies that have not been used extensively in the books. Also, these tales are written by a great group of writers, not just me and Scott. It is always exciting for us to read different creative takes on our characters and experience new adventures set in our world.

While we’re not ready to release a lot of information about Mythic Tales 2, I can tease you with the following: Mazu will be involved with Apollo, Daphne and Artemis; two Babylonian goddesses will match wits with Merlin; and the sailors of the Hector will go for a swim.

BTW, we have some room left in the book, so now is the time if you’d like to pitch a story idea. You can send it to me at wynnmercere@yahoo.com