For my June post, I have two items of interest for our fans who play either rpgs or tabletop games.

Guided Adventures in the City
Sometime this fall I will be running “City of the Gods” adventures at Roll20, and would like our readers to be among the first to play. Roll 20, if you haven’t heard of it, is a fantastic online visual role playing website. This video introduction hits the highlights and will explain it far better than my words. Interested? Sign up for your free account at and leave a comment to this post to be added to my list of potential players. Would you rather join D’Molay on a quest, or help Sekhmet outwit another of Set’s schemes? Those who sign up early will be allowed to vote on their favorite game scenarios from a list I will provide.

Council of the Gods
Back in 2001, I pitched a satirical political card game to a major game company. While they were receptive, due to many factors the project never came to be. However, it was too good to abandon and has been revamped for the City of the Gods Universe. Imagine yourself as a god or goddess on the Council, hearing petitions, granting or denying requests, and more importantly, “sticking it” to your rival Council Members. The digital version of Council of the Gods will soon be available for play testing. If you would like to learn the game and play live at Roll20 with me, get your free account set up and drop a comment indicating your interest.

Have a wonderful summer, wherever your adventures take you!