The City of the Gods Universe embraces many forms of expression: novels, short stories, games, art and comics. M. Scott Verne and I love conventions. With our world represented in so many different types of media, we can always offer an angle of interest to sci-fi, fantasy or gaming con-goers. At San Diego Comic Con 2014, M. Scott Verne appeared on the “Spiritual Themes in Comics” panel presented by the Christian Comic Arts Society. Here’s a photo courtesy of fellow panelist John J. Schafer (producer of the animated series Superbook).

atsdcc2014 SDCC 2014 “Spiritual Themes in Comics” panel: John J. Schafer (left), M. Scott Verne (center), B. Dave Walters (right)

Back in the mid-90s, the seeds for the City of the Gods Universe were planted with the three-issue comic series Pantheon (published by Debora Kerr’s old company Archer Books and Games). The tagline for the books was “They’re Not Superheroes, They’re Gods!” But is there really such a difference? At the panel, M. Scott discussed the design similarity between popular comic characters and mythological ones. Most follow the archetype of the flawed uber-man. Parallels can be drawn between the Hulk and Gilgamesh, or Tony Stark and Icarus. Pride, anger, addiction and other foibles disadvantage otherwise perfect beings and help us “normals” deal with our own failings. The topic is a rich one for discussion and we hope to explore it on other panels in the future.

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