Ghosts of Conventions Future

Mother of Ghosts has been released in paperback! You’ll find it a shorter work than what you’re used to seeing from me. The project evolved during its development from a single extremely long book outline into a series of novellas. I hope you like the concept and are intrigued by the horrifying mysteries that Gaius and his Roman friends must confront. Mother of Ghosts sets 18-year old Gaius on a strange path and future books will follow him well into his old age. I suppose that’s a mild spoiler, but if you prefer books where the main character doesn’t die, you will like this series. His adventures will continue in A Fall of Green Peaches (slated for 2017) and Sleep On, Lost Years (slated for 2018). For more details on the book, check out my press release.

Art canvas by Steve Crompton from City of the Gods: Guardian.

Art canvas by Steve Crompton from City of the Gods: Guardian.

If you’d like to get your copy of Mother of Ghosts (or any of my other books) signed, I’ll be at MarsCon in Williamsburg, VA January 15 – 17. You can ask me about the upcoming third novel in the City of the Gods series, Ambassador, and feast your eyes on a beautiful art canvas by Steve Crompton from the cover of City of the Gods: Guardian. I love to give out costume prizes, so if you happen to be dressed as anything supernatural, stop by my table in Author/Artist Alley for your swag.

MarsCon “Sweet 16” celebrates Women in Science Fiction this year, and features all the great programming you’d expect from a con along with unique extras like “Splendid Teapot Racing” – the “Cookie Conspiracy” cookie exchange – Doctor Who high tea party – and an amazing con suite. Since I’ll be at my author’s alley table I’ll miss most of that, but I’ll try to send one of my minions to take photos of all the fun.

As always, I’ll have lowered “convention only” pricing on many titles, so make sure to stop by my table for these special deals. See you in Williamsburg!


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