Shiva float 2016, Krewe of Proteus. Screencap from #paradecam at
Shiva float 2016, Krewe of Proteus. Screencap from #paradecam at
It’s that time of year where pleasure and pain seem to collide: it’s both Mardi Gras and tax preparation season. While I’ve been enjoying the online streams of parades (which are full of mythology-themed floats that remind me of the City of the Gods), I’ve also been gathering all the paperwork for IRS reporting. That includes income from my books.

2015’s best seller from online customers was Utopea through Amazon. Its success is making me consider another title set in that world. If that is something you’d like, please let me know.

City of the Gods: Forgotten won the sales race at conventions and book shows. Showing off its interior art and explaining the concept of this epic fantasy universe face-to-face sells this series better than catalog descriptions. So if you have any questions about City of the Gods Universe, ask away! I’m happy to fill you in.


When is book three (City of the Gods: Ambassador) coming out?
The answer remains 2016. M.Scott Verne and I are still cranking away on the writing. Plot threads I’m handling right now center on chaos and conflict in the City’s streets and the return of a god who has been missing for a very long time.

Where’s the ebook version of Mother of Ghosts?
Confession time. I completely forgot about it over the last month. Several projects old and new took over my desk. I’ll definitely release this in March 2016.

What are these new projects of which you speak?

  • Council of the Gods card game – the final adjustments to game mechanics have been made and production work is moving forward
  • City of the Gods: Forgotten Audio Book – we are currently auditioning voice actors and negotiating contracts
  • Awkward Compliments! – this is a brand new card game I am working on with a great development team. We are not even in Alpha yet, but please LIKE and follow our Facebook page to keep up with the process.