Fun and Games and Desk Clearing

Normally I would begin an April post by welcoming spring, but my locality hasn’t committed to a consistent climate yet. One day the temperature tops 80F. A few days later, we get a hard freeze. On the positive side of this uncertainty, crappy weather does keep me inside at my computer, so things are getting done.

The last time I posted an update, I promised to release Mother of Ghosts for eBook readers. I’m happy to announce that goal has been met. The digital file is currently being shipped to all the usual retailers (as well as some unusual ones I’ve never heard of before) and will be showing up in their storefronts soon. In the meantime, if you’d like to get your own copy right now, just head over to Smashwords and download the version for your device for $1.99. You can even read a large preview of the book there for free.

One of the new projects I told you about last time was the audio book for City of the Gods: Forgotten. The contract has been signed and our amazing voice actor has finished recording several chapters. We are extremely excited about how vibrantly our story is coming to life and look forward to sharing some sneak peeks of the project with you as things progress. Two other projects in the City of the Gods Universe have also moved forward. The final rules edit was completed for the “Council of the Gods” card game and work will be beginning on card and component design in the near future. And, writing continues on Ambassador, the conclusion to the City of the Gods trilogy. Watch for a brand new sneak preview from the novel next month.

grimtooth-trapsylvania-cov-sml My part in a project I didn’t even know about the last time I wrote to you has also been completed. I was thrilled to be asked to contribute to Trapsylvania, the brand new Grimtooth book being put together by City of the Gods artist/gaming genius Steve Crompton and his friends at Goodman Games. Steve had the fun concept of “getting the band back together” and including pieces in the book from everyone who has been part of Grimtooth the Troll’s published history. Stay tuned for more information on the release of this devious volume.

Lastly, the card game Awkward Compliments has moved into its Beta phase and I am looking for play testers to join me online at to play demo games. If you are interested, please leave a comment to this post and I’ll be in touch.


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