Summer GO

cogGOJuly of 2016 will certainly be remembered for the Pokemon Go craze. I think it’s a fantastic game, although not one that appeals to me. I’ve never been hooked by games that are focused on collecting things and leveling up. I’m too much of an anarchist at heart. Ticking off boxes and walking down set story paths is too directed and mundane for me. Even when it comes to role playing games, I’d much rather play in a system like Call of Cthulhu (my favorite) where my characters are highly likely to quickly die or become useless through insanity damage just so I don’t have to keep track of their particulars. Yet I do enjoy writing for all flavors of games, even if the play of them may not be right for me. As for the games I am hooked on, look no further than the reality simulation genre. I have clocked in hundreds of hours on Farming Simulator 15 and will have a Twitch channel up to broadcast my ag worlds in the fall. Then look for me to be playing Planet Coaster when it is released in October.

Speaking of games in process, watch for the Kickstarter launch for Awkward Compliments. We’re finalizing fulfillment details with our printer this week and are on schedule for starting our campaign in early August. Once that happens, you’ll hear little from me about anything other than that project for 30 days — so I’d better sneak in the latest news on other works-in-process right now.

  • City of the Gods: Forgotten audiobook – 16 chapters have been recorded
  • City of the Gods: Ambassador – core writing still moving forward
  • (brand new gaming project in major system that I can’t announce yet) – writer chosen, ideas being pitched
  • City of the Gods card game – ON HOLD. Pushed to 2017.

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