18fdid The Kickstarter campaign for Awkward Compliments has about three weeks left to run. That means you’ll be hearing a lot about this card game that matches people, places and things to the most innapropriate and crazy kudos. We’ve had a bit of trouble getting the word out with most gaming enthusiasts attending GenCon, cosplayers prepping for Dragon Con, film fans experiencing Suicide Squad, and everyone else playing Pokemon GO. Kickstarters fail without a broad base of fans sharing the word. So I have favors to ask of you all, and some tools to make it easy for you to help.

First, VISIT OUR KICKSTARTER PAGE. There’s a video to show you what the game is all about, and if you don’t have time to watch we’ve summarized play succinctly in the text. I have to commend the play testers who so willing posed for the crazy character photos you’ll see in the video. We had an amazingly fun time posing in front of a green screen and being silly.

Then, PLEASE MAKE A PLEDGE! Remember, you will only be charged if the campaign reaches its goal. Yes, it’s a large amount of money; but the number reflects actual costs and you can see the financial breakdown on our campaign page. We are not trying to “get rich” on your dimes. We are just trying to bring you 300 hilarious cards in a three deck set that will give you hours of quick, play anywhere fun.

SHARE OUR CAMPAIGN. You can do this quickly and generically from our Kickstarter page by clicking any of the social media icons (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). But it really helps to add a short personal remark to your shares to appeal to your friends and followers. If you’re stuck for something to say (I know it can be awkward to promote projects!) here’s some text you can copy and paste:

  • “Do you like crazy, easy-to-play card games? My friends made one and you can get a great deal on it. Check out the link.”
  • “Have you heard about the “Awkward Compliments” card game? We should all buy decks and play together. Pledge with me!”
  • “These people are crazy!! Watch their Kickstarter video. Their card game sounds like a lot of fun. I’m backing them!”

BE AN INFLUENCER. If you have a podcast, a Twitch stream, a YouTube audience, or a busy Instagram account, please talk about Awkward Compliments and especially the BACKER ACHIEVEMENT badges that can be unlocked. You can encourage your viewers to write compliments on potatoes, dress up like cat ladies and lumberjacks, or record awkward songs. Double dog dare your audience and see what mayhem ensues.

Lastly, A FEW SIMPLE CLICKS are always appreciated and will help unlock backer achievement badges. IF you haven’t already done so, please FOLLOW @awkwardcardgame on Twitter and LIKE our Facebook page

Thanks in advance for doing any or all of the tasks above. I truly appreciate your help and will strive to continue creating content that you enjoy. ~ Wynn