Dragon Con, A Fall Update, & Twitch Debut

I'm ready for battle at Dragon Con 2016! Photo By Hacklight Photography

Ready for battle at Dragon Con 2016! Photo By Hacklight Photography

Another Dragon Con has come and gone, and it remains the best (and only) convention I always try to attend. Recently I was asked what makes it different from any of the other big events such as San Diego Comic Con, NYCC, PAX, Wizard’s World, etc. The easiest way to answer this is to look at the structure. While other large conventions are built around the guests, the products (movies, comics, etc.), and a centralized mass gathering place (convention hall), Dragon Con is a widespread “Winchester House” of creative people whose contributions to the event spill out into the streets of Atlanta, all day and night, for almost a week of wonder. For many who attend, the questions aren’t “what star am I going to see?” or “what am I going to buy?” They’re “what crazy event will I run for my fellow (insert media) fans?” or “what cosplay photo shoot will I organize” or “what can I teach new fans who are interested in the same things as me?”

These are the building blocks of Dragon Con: the attending fans. Fans drive the programming tracks. Fans host gatherings for hundreds of specialized interests. Fans march in the biggest parade the city of Atlanta hosts each year. The event schedule for this year’s con was 112 pages long. There were panels, parties, costume contests, meet-ups, autographs, shopping, gaming, concerts, wrestling, robot battles, stage performances, puppetry, films, and that’s just scratching the surface. To sum up, Dragon Con is a 24/7 event that has the music and revelry of Mardi Gras, the crazed creativity of Burning Man, every elective class you ever wanted to take in college, and the joy and sometimes awkwardness of a huge, happy family reunion.

There are a ton of great videos about Dragon Con 2016 circulating on YouTube already, so check them out. I am working on one of my own and will update this post with the link when it is available. And I’ll try to stop thinking about Dragon Con (only 350 days to the next one!) and get back to work.

Project updates:

  • Writing of City of the Gods Ambassador is still cranking along.
  • The audio book of City of the Gods: Forgotten has been recorded through Chapter 20.
  • The Kickstarter for Awkward Compliments ran throughout August. Unfortunately, it did not succeed.

Goal Attained!
One of my goals for 2016 was to begin streaming live video gameplay on Twitch TV. There was a big learning curve to achieve this. I had to figure out how to livestream and even buy a better computer to make it happen. Broadcasting “on the fly” is exciting and fun. If you would like to check out my channel you can find out all about it here. Or search for the user talkingtowhee if you’re viewing on your Roku. I’d love it if you would follow my channel and hang out in the chat room with me. As I gain a viewer base I’ll be doing giveaways and posting lots of fun creative content.


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