Halloween is next week and that got me thinking about all the spooky things in my recent books. Because the day when we celebrate goblins and ghoulies and things that go bump in the night is nearly upon us, I decided to share some of the scary things you will encounter in three of my titles – and offer you special deals on them all.

Let’s start with Mother of Ghosts. Obviously, this title is all about the supernatural. The story kicks off with a ghostly murder and travels a twisted road of haunts and madness. To help you on your journey into horror, here’s a coupon code to save yourself $2 on the paperback edition when you order from createspace: 2W69J489

Looking for friendlier phantoms? Utopea has that covered. What’s more, it has spells, mysterious creatures, people in costume and a vintage setting that evokes all the sights and sounds we associate with an Americana Halloween. There’s no trick with this treat, a $3 off coupon when you order from createspace: ZFS646CX

Halloween isn’t only about ghosts. How about some cats and witches? City of the Gods: Guardian has starring roles for the cat goddesses of Egyptos and Circe, the most evil sorceress in the Greek realm. And the scares don’t stop there; you’ll visit the Underworld and join D’Molay in his battles with the spirits of the dead and the hungry beasts of the depths. You can buy Guardian and other City of the Gods titles at this link.

I wasn’t able to fight my way past a vigilant “Amazon” to offer you a coupon deal, but if you buy any City of the Gods book before the end of October and leave a review at Amazon.com before the end of November, I will send you a special bonus surprise for Christmas. Let me know by commenting to this post or tweeting @wynnmercere that you’ve read and reviewed and I’ll contact you about receiving your gift.

That’s all I have for your treat bag this month. I’ll be back in November to offer you something for your Thanksgiving table.