I spent the end of the summer learning how to live stream and integrate my content into Twitch TV’s gaming platform. Now that I have been broadcasting my  video game show nine hours a week for over two months, I can honestly say that streaming is my favorite way to interact with followers. I’m “talkingtowhee” on Twitch. Here’s my channel banner:


When viewers enter my chat room during a show, I can speak directly to them, find out their interests, and engage them personally. Twitter follows and Facebook likes seem so hollow in comparison to an actual conversation — not that I discount that support, but unless a comment is included with a thumbs up I have only a general idea why my content interested you. And it’s rare that a writer gets a chance to go in depth with a reader about particularly pleasing elements of a work.

In contrast, broadcasting is instantly rewarding, unlike writing. But handling live feedback requires a degree of extroversion and flexible social skills that some creative folks lack. Occasionally a troll will spawn in the chat room, or some awkward person will say something uncomfortable. But that’s easily dealt with, and uneven chat sessions don’t have the staying power of negative reviews. Streaming has also confirmed I have “the gift of gab.” No one wants to watch a boring, mostly quiet stream. I’ve found I can chatter on to the camera easily for the three hour time slots of my shows.

My streams have been visited by gamers from all over the world. Many of them have become regular viewers. I haven’t run into any negativity or criticism or judgment which has been a breath of fresh air when compared to some of the writing world’s elitism.

Once “City of the Gods” is completed, I may put books permanently on the shelf. I find myself drawn creatively to the mobile gaming and streaming world at this time. We’ll see what 2017 has in store for me. In the meantime, grab yourself a free Twitch viewing account and come say hello during one of my streams. You can also view short highlights at the same link below.

“Talking Towhee’s No Kill Zone” broadcast schedule: Monday, 8-11 AM EST — Wednesday, 7-10 PM EST — Friday, 1-4 PM EST. View live on Twitch TV: https://www.twitch.tv/talkingtowhee