groundhogday Happy Groundhog Day! The little critter saw his shadow, so legend decrees that winter will hang on for six more weeks. I’ll treat that as an extended creative deadline, for when spring and warmer weather come along it’s even harder for me to keep myself at work at my writing desk. My list of unfinished projects drag behind me like a darkening shadow, things that I would like to complete yet am having trouble devoting time to. I suppose that’s the mixed blessing of having so many interests that not all of them get the same attention.

Despite my lack of drive, progress has been made on several fronts. The City of the Gods: Forgotten audiobook production continues and is in its 30th chapter. I am also working with the Awkward Compliments team for an April relaunch of the game at RavenCon, and writing progresses with glacial slowness on City of the Gods: Ambassador.

In addition, I have launched the epic undertaking of streaming Planet Coaster builds of City of the Gods properties on Twitch TV. Here’s a look at the Royal Hotel from D’Molay’s neighborhood in the City, The Settlement. The concept is based on item 51 on the map from the City of the Gods Map pack (inset). This build is still in progress and currently contains over 1,100 pieces. Next month I’ll show you what it looks like inside! Click the picture to view a larger image.