Ever Used a Sanborn Map For Gaming?

What do I love more than writing about fictional places? Creating maps and background resource material for them to be used in role playing games! Today is “Free RPG Day” at many gaming stores. I’m late to the party, but you won’t find any Utopea materials in stores at this time anyway. To get your hands on those, you need to subscribe to my newsletter.

I’m happy to give you a sneak peek at a piece of the Utopea role playing supplement that will be available in the future. I have been working on a Sanborn Map of the village of Utopea. Sanborn Maps are historical documents that depicted the structures in American cities and towns to assess fire insurance liability. They detailed every building, the material it was made of, and its use. They are invaluable for historians and genealogists and are just plain fun to study. While a hidden mountain hamlet like Utopea would in reality never have had a Sanborn Map made for it, I decided to imitate the Sanborn style in the maps I am creating for this project. They really have that turn-of-the-twentieth-century look to them that fits Utopea perfectly. All the colors and markings reveal interesting details about the buildings.

What you see here is just a small piece of the map. More of it will be revealed in future “Wynn’s Window” newsletters. Did you sign up yet?



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