Sneak Peek: Mania Series Book 2

Squeaky readers get the sneaks! I’ve been hearing from a good number of you that you’re more than ready to discover what happens to Gaius, Argus, and their companions. At the end of Mother of Ghosts, we left them under threat of deadly violence at the reclaimed temple of a horrific goddess. Over the last few weeks, I’ve finished plotting out the next volume in the series, entitled A Fall of Green Peaches. Without giving too much away, I can tell you some of the overall themes in book two and reveal a few key plot points.

  1. You’ll discover what the goddess wants these men to do in her service.
  2. Argus and the others will try clever means to free themselves.
  3. Their families back in Rome will face new problems stemming from the mysterious disappearance of Gaius and company.
  4. The story will examine whether reunions are always for the best, and whether the enemy can ever truly be understood.

I hope to announce the release date for this book in November. Stay tuned and stay scared!


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