My August update has been delayed. I’ve been waiting to officially announce a new City of the Gods Universe release. However, if I stall much longer, it will be September. So for this month’s article, I’m looking back at what’s already available. One of the things our team is very proud of is the depth of our product line, which crosses genres and offers something to almost every kind of fan.

City of the Gods stories appear as:

  • Novels
  • Short Story Anthologies
  • Comics
  • “Making of” Books
  • Audiobooks (SOON!)

Multimedia experiences are available through:

  • Online Choose Your Own Adventures
  • YouTube Vids
  • Wynn Mercere’s Streams

Gamers can visit our world too:

  • City of the Gods Map Pack
  • Council of the Gods Card Game (IN DEVELOPMENT)

Our fans have created:

  • Fan Art
  • Cosplays
  • Game Skins

And we have official merch and swag:1

  • Note Card Sets
  • Book Plates
  • Autographed Novels
  • Matted Art

So “pick” your favorite kind of product and enjoy your visit to the City of the Gods. Then keep following to see where D’Molay and the gods will pop up next!

1 For physical products, visit one of our convention tables or drop me a line through the contact form and I’ll hook you up.