Almost two years ago, I told you about Trapslyvania, a project to be published by Goodman Games. The book was delayed for many valid reasons but is now in the final layout stage. I was excited to receive the pages of my submission in all their final “typeset” glory in my email yesterday. This was timely, because I was struggling for a February topic to post here.

My contribution for the book was written in the fall of 2015, so reading it again was like remembering a weird dream. It was so fun to relive the little adventure I wrote that I wanted to share two sneak peeks with you. Above, you’ve seen a small piece of the grand artwork by Steven S. Crompton. And below, here’s an excerpt from the story.

Watch for a Kickstarter from Goodman Games to bring this project out of the caverns and into the light. I will announce further news on Trapsylvania here at this blog.