Fake Newsies

In case you missed the previous announcements on my Twitter feed and Facebook page, I want to make sure you know that I’m part of a brand new comedy podcast covering all the hottest, ratings-grabbing topics you need to stay woke through the tedium of another Fury Road commute, your kid’s flutophone recital, or your bad date’s open mic night at the gender grammar nazi poetry slam. (Nazi reference included to draw more attention to this post.) The Fakist premieres today and I hope you’ll give it a listen. Check out the trailer:

The character I play is Grace Huberstafforford, an NPR-esque serious reporter covering tough topics such as clown discrimination, death row euthanasia, and teacher creepers. You can enjoy the first episode here, or better yet, subscribe at Apple Podcasts where you can also listen to some sneak previews of future segments. New episodes drop every two weeks.

Watch for Grace’s social media accounts, coming soon!

Published by Wynn Mercere

I am a writer, historical researcher, game designer, crafter -- I love all creative things!

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