Sneak Peek of The Fakist S2 03.

Hands down, audio scripts are my favorite format to write. They’re generally short and pose the challenge of telling a story without visual cues — a welcome restriction that eliminates the tedium of writing scene descriptions. They’re pure dialogue punched up by sound effects that evoke the mood. I’ve written audio drama scripts, radio commercials, and most recently a contribution to a comedy show.

After voicing the character Grace Huberstafforford during season one of The Fakist, I was invited to be a guest writer. In the third episode of the new season, Grace stumbles upon an insidious conspiracy originating from a surprising source. This was my first opportunity to write for Grace as well as voice her.

Grace’s bio states she is “ready to tackle the hard stories that other fake news outlets won’t touch.” Make sure to subscribe to The Fakist on your favorite podcast app to keep up with Grace’s adventures. Season 2 is due to debut very shortly!