Stop! Look! Listen!

Merry Christmas to all my Twitch viewers, book readers, and audiobook listeners! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday. Gifts are not a big part of my holiday experience, but here’s wishing that you received many treasures this month.

Year’s end is a time for reflection. I was unable to meet all my creative goals in 2017, but that’s okay. This past year felt like I was moving my pieces around a war game board to set up for a future attack. The time I did have free was dedicated mainly to my broadcasts on Twitch. They’re what I enjoy most at the moment and I hope that you will stop by, say hello, and become a follower. (On Twitch I go by the name TalkingTowhee – towhees are the birds shown in the Christmas card above!)

But there are newsworthy items I wanted to let you know about as 2017 draws to a close. First, STOP by .

Traps Bazaar, one of my gaming projects from way back in 1994 is available again as a digital download. Can your dungeon party survive this collection of devious traps specially curated by Grimtooth the troll and young Grimtina? I think not!

Next, take a LOOK at what’s coming in January at MarsCon in Williamsburg, VA. Here’s a sneak peek at the table of contents for Go Ahead and Howl, the werewolf anthology to benefit the Heritage Humane Society. Weather permitting, I will be at the convention on Saturday, January 13 for a signing, so look for me at the Dreampunk Press table.

Lastly, have a LISTEN to this interesting interview with my City of the Gods Universe creative partner Steve Crompton on The Susan Harmon Hour. Steve talks about the City of the Gods, mythology and more. You can hear this free at Skip to the 31:37 mark to jump right to Steve’s interview.

I wish you all the best for 2018. My next update will come in late January with a look at what’s on the horizon for Spring.


Winter Workload

I’m barely getting my monthly post up for November. It has been an insanely busy month with personal and creative things vying for my time. December and January promise more of the same. However, I do have a brand new sneak peek at City of the Gods: Ambassador for you. I deleted anything that could be a spoiler, so look on with no worries!


Any guesses on whom Shiva and Tara are looking for?

A Writer’s Wild Life

A writer is a little like a wolf. Sometimes she’s “lone,” writing solo works. Other times she’s part of a pack, working on an anthology.

Not hard to guess what I’m promoting this month, is it? The werewolf short story anthology by Dreampunk Press now has an official title: Go Ahead and Howl. This project raises funds for Marscon 2018’s official charity, the Heritage Humane Society.

I previously shared a sneak peek to my Utopea tie-in story “Growlabouts.” I have since penned a second independent piece titled “A Chat with a Werewolf.” No spoilers here! Come to Marscon 2018 January 12-14th to get your signed copy. The ebook version will be available in February 2018.

Days of Note

old calendar

It’s time for news on release dates and the progress of various titles. Here we go!

  • Grimtooth’s Trapsylvania was officially announced by Goodman Games at GenCon 2017. Still awaiting news of its Kickstarter date.
  • Growlabouts, my werewolf short story for the “Bare Your Teeth and Growl” MarsCon anthology went to the editor on August 24, 2017. This tale is set in my Utopea universe.
  • City of the Gods: Forgotten audiobook was released at on August 30, 2017. Full details on my City of the Gods Universe page. 
  • City of the Gods: Ambassador is coming along nicely. No release date yet.
  • A potential project conceived as City of the Gods: Prelude has been discussed with M.Scott Verne. That’s all you need to know right now!

Picking Time

My August update has been delayed. I’ve been waiting to officially announce a new City of the Gods Universe release. However, if I stall much longer, it will be September. So for this month’s article, I’m looking back at what’s already available. One of the things our team is very proud of is the depth of our product line, which crosses genres and offers something to almost every kind of fan.

City of the Gods stories appear as:

  • Novels
  • Short Story Anthologies
  • Comics
  • “Making of” Books
  • Audiobooks (SOON!)

Multimedia experiences are available through:

  • Online Choose Your Own Adventures
  • YouTube Vids
  • Wynn Mercere’s Streams

Gamers can visit our world too:

  • City of the Gods Map Pack
  • Council of the Gods Card Game (IN DEVELOPMENT)

Our fans have created:

  • Fan Art
  • Cosplays
  • Game Skins

And we have official merch and swag:1

  • Note Card Sets
  • Book Plates
  • Autographed Novels
  • Matted Art

So “pick” your favorite kind of product and enjoy your visit to the City of the Gods. Then keep following to see where D’Molay and the gods will pop up next!

1 For physical products, visit one of our convention tables or drop me a line through the contact form and I’ll hook you up.

Sneak Peek: Mania Series Book 2

Squeaky readers get the sneaks! I’ve been hearing from a good number of you that you’re more than ready to discover what happens to Gaius, Argus, and their companions. At the end of Mother of Ghosts, we left them under threat of deadly violence at the reclaimed temple of a horrific goddess. Over the last few weeks, I’ve finished plotting out the next volume in the series, entitled A Fall of Green Peaches. Without giving too much away, I can tell you some of the overall themes in book two and reveal a few key plot points.

  1. You’ll discover what the goddess wants these men to do in her service.
  2. Argus and the others will try clever means to free themselves.
  3. Their families back in Rome will face new problems stemming from the mysterious disappearance of Gaius and company.
  4. The story will examine whether reunions are always for the best, and whether the enemy can ever truly be understood.

I hope to announce the release date for this book in November. Stay tuned and stay scared!