Spring Revival – Return of the Newsletter


Long-time readers will recall that my author newsletter has been on hiatus for quite some time. I’ve relied on this blog and Facebook to keep everyone connected. However, I know that many of you who follow my page on Facebook are missing out on some great content due to the way Facebook chooses what posts you get to see. (They want me to buy their advertising to reach you, you see!) So to make things a little easier for all of us, and to build a tighter, more engaged and fun community, I am again offering you a newsletter that will deliver all the info you need about what I’m up to in the worlds of writing, gaming, and live streaming.  More importantly, every issue will contain a free gift! And, you also get an entire book absolutely FREE just for signing up.

I won’t be using my old email list, as it is probably out of date. So please sign up with your current address using the handy button below.


In the Spirit of Free Stuff:

Who wants to see a sneak peek of City of the Gods: Ambassador? Here’s the very first page! This scene and more will be available as a 36-page preview booklet that will debut at Phoenix Comic Con at the end of May. If you can’t make it to the convention, make sure to sign up for my newsletter to get your own digital copy a little later this summer!ambassador p1


News About Your Favorite Titles


Welcome everyone! You might read this blog because you’re a City of the Gods Universe fan. Or, you may have heard me mention my work during my Twitch TV broadcasts and have dropped in to see what I’ve been up to. You might have met me at a convention, or played in one of my demo card games of Awkward Compliments. However you have found my website, enjoy these updates on all those projects and more!

City of the Gods: There will be something new released at Phoenix Comic Con, May 25 – 28, 2017. Come back to my blog monthly until that date for hints about what it will be!

City of the Gods, Planet Coaster Builds: Not everything in the realms is epic and huge. Here’s one of the crystal guardian stations manned by its hidden deity of discernment. Will you be judged worthy of entry to the City?

Utopea: The Arrow newspaper of the mysterious town of Utopea once published these intriguing lines. “A black wolf was spotted on the ridge over east hollow last full moon. Ben Moates said he couldn’t be sure if it was one of his kin or a regular beast.” I can confirm that there are indeed werewolves lurking in the forest, and in 2018 their story will be told. I have been invited to contribute a tale to a werewolf anthology which will debut at MarsCon 2018, January 12 – 14 in Williamsburg, VA. If you haven’t yet guessed, the convention’s theme is “Werewolves of MarsCon!”

Awkward Compliments Card Game: Our sales page at Gamecrafter has been updated to reflect our new packaging. Awkward Compliments now comes in a Large Pro Box which contains the three 108 card decks of the base game and allows room for storing future expansions. Rules now come printed on deck cards, so no more paper instructions. We have also been awarded the “Red Stone Seller” accolade.

Your next chance to meet the Awkward Compliments team will be at RavenCon, April 28 – 30, 2017 in Williamsburg, VA. Stop by the Dreampunk Press table, buy the game, and receive convention-only bonuses!

Happy Spring to all my readers and gaming friends. I’ll be back in April with more news on all these projects and more.

Seeing My Shadow

groundhogday Happy Groundhog Day! The little critter saw his shadow, so legend decrees that winter will hang on for six more weeks. I’ll treat that as an extended creative deadline, for when spring and warmer weather come along it’s even harder for me to keep myself at work at my writing desk. My list of unfinished projects drag behind me like a darkening shadow, things that I would like to complete yet am having trouble devoting time to. I suppose that’s the mixed blessing of having so many interests that not all of them get the same attention.

Despite my lack of drive, progress has been made on several fronts. The City of the Gods: Forgotten audiobook production continues and is in its 30th chapter. I am also working with the Awkward Compliments team for an April relaunch of the game at RavenCon, and writing progresses with glacial slowness on City of the Gods: Ambassador.

In addition, I have launched the epic undertaking of streaming Planet Coaster builds of City of the Gods properties on Twitch TV. Here’s a look at the Royal Hotel from D’Molay’s neighborhood in the City, The Settlement. The concept is based on item 51 on the map from the City of the Gods Map pack (inset). This build is still in progress and currently contains over 1,100 pieces. Next month I’ll show you what it looks like inside! Click the picture to view a larger image.


Greetings of the Season

I once had a blog series that featured really strange greeting card images from years long past. The images were truly in the “what were they thinking” vein. Before the holidays completely escape my grasp, I’d like to share two of these weird cards. Draw your own conclusions, and have a much happier Christmas and New Years than the characters shown here!



Halloween BOO-K Sale

Halloween is next week and that got me thinking about all the spooky things in my recent books. Because the day when we celebrate goblins and ghoulies and things that go bump in the night is nearly upon us, I decided to share some of the scary things you will encounter in three of my titles – and offer you special deals on them all.

Let’s start with Mother of Ghosts. Obviously, this title is all about the supernatural. The story kicks off with a ghostly murder and travels a twisted road of haunts and madness. To help you on your journey into horror, here’s a coupon code to save yourself $2 on the paperback edition when you order from createspace: 2W69J489

Looking for friendlier phantoms? Utopea has that covered. What’s more, it has spells, mysterious creatures, people in costume and a vintage setting that evokes all the sights and sounds we associate with an Americana Halloween. There’s no trick with this treat, a $3 off coupon when you order from createspace: ZFS646CX

Halloween isn’t only about ghosts. How about some cats and witches? City of the Gods: Guardian has starring roles for the cat goddesses of Egyptos and Circe, the most evil sorceress in the Greek realm. And the scares don’t stop there; you’ll visit the Underworld and join D’Molay in his battles with the spirits of the dead and the hungry beasts of the depths. You can buy Guardian and other City of the Gods titles at this link.

I wasn’t able to fight my way past a vigilant “Amazon” to offer you a coupon deal, but if you buy any City of the Gods book before the end of October and leave a review at Amazon.com before the end of November, I will send you a special bonus surprise for Christmas. Let me know by commenting to this post or tweeting @wynnmercere that you’ve read and reviewed and I’ll contact you about receiving your gift.

That’s all I have for your treat bag this month. I’ll be back in November to offer you something for your Thanksgiving table.

Dragon Con, A Fall Update, & Twitch Debut

I'm ready for battle at Dragon Con 2016! Photo By Hacklight Photography

Ready for battle at Dragon Con 2016! Photo By Hacklight Photography

Another Dragon Con has come and gone, and it remains the best (and only) convention I always try to attend. Recently I was asked what makes it different from any of the other big events such as San Diego Comic Con, NYCC, PAX, Wizard’s World, etc. The easiest way to answer this is to look at the structure. While other large conventions are built around the guests, the products (movies, comics, etc.), and a centralized mass gathering place (convention hall), Dragon Con is a widespread “Winchester House” of creative people whose contributions to the event spill out into the streets of Atlanta, all day and night, for almost a week of wonder. For many who attend, the questions aren’t “what star am I going to see?” or “what am I going to buy?” They’re “what crazy event will I run for my fellow (insert media) fans?” or “what cosplay photo shoot will I organize” or “what can I teach new fans who are interested in the same things as me?”

These are the building blocks of Dragon Con: the attending fans. Fans drive the programming tracks. Fans host gatherings for hundreds of specialized interests. Fans march in the biggest parade the city of Atlanta hosts each year. The event schedule for this year’s con was 112 pages long. There were panels, parties, costume contests, meet-ups, autographs, shopping, gaming, concerts, wrestling, robot battles, stage performances, puppetry, films, and that’s just scratching the surface. To sum up, Dragon Con is a 24/7 event that has the music and revelry of Mardi Gras, the crazed creativity of Burning Man, every elective class you ever wanted to take in college, and the joy and sometimes awkwardness of a huge, happy family reunion.

There are a ton of great videos about Dragon Con 2016 circulating on YouTube already, so check them out. I am working on one of my own and will update this post with the link when it is available. And I’ll try to stop thinking about Dragon Con (only 350 days to the next one!) and get back to work.

Project updates:

  • Writing of City of the Gods Ambassador is still cranking along.
  • The audio book of City of the Gods: Forgotten has been recorded through Chapter 20.
  • The Kickstarter for Awkward Compliments ran throughout August. Unfortunately, it did not succeed.

Goal Attained!
One of my goals for 2016 was to begin streaming live video gameplay on Twitch TV. There was a big learning curve to achieve this. I had to figure out how to livestream and even buy a better computer to make it happen. Broadcasting “on the fly” is exciting and fun. If you would like to check out my channel you can find out all about it here. Or search for the user talkingtowhee if you’re viewing on your Roku. I’d love it if you would follow my channel and hang out in the chat room with me. As I gain a viewer base I’ll be doing giveaways and posting lots of fun creative content.