Bringing Untold Tales to Life

Promoting your books is as big a job as writing them, and I must admit that at conventions and book show tables I sometimes feel like more of a salesman than a creator. That’s why I love to get out into the community and speak about writing in general and encourage others to bring those projects they’ve been thinking about for years out of their heads and into reality.

On September 14, 2015, I was honored to speak at the District D Meeting of the Virginia Retired Teachers Association. My topic was titled “Everyone Should Publish A Book” and was well received by the audience. All of those attending are very active in community organizations and were eager to hear about the latest online tools to help them publish books and stories to advance their work.

So many I spoke with began the conversation with me by saying, “I always wanted to write about . . .”

My job was to convince each person that it wasn’t too late and that their idea was important. I hope I was persuasive. The president of the district challenged the members to return to next year’s meeting with their own published book. I have my fingers crossed many of them will.

Photographs by Herb Greene.

VRTA Book Talk 9/14/2015
VRTA Book Talk 9/14/2015VRTA Book Talk 9/14/2015