Battle of the Cons

I love sci-fi/comic conventions. I have probably been to more than 50 of them over the years. As they have become more popular and mainstream, there have been many more choices of events to attend. Overall, I prefer a larger con experience to the smaller, more thematically focused gatherings. That led to attending Dragon ConContinue reading “Battle of the Cons”

Another Kind of World-Building

Fantasy writers spend considerable time visualizing the way their fictional worlds look and work. We think about environments, social customs, what people (or creatures) eat and what they wear. As I was putting together costumes for Dragon Con 2015, I realized that actually building a helmet or a weapon was teaching me as much asContinue reading “Another Kind of World-Building”

Choose Your Own City of the Gods Adventure

In the spirit of kicking off summer fun, I created a short text adventure set in the City of the Gods. You can play it online for free by following this link to The game serves as brand new background content for City of the Gods Universe readers as well as an introduction toContinue reading “Choose Your Own City of the Gods Adventure”

Characters and Gaming Alignments

Looking for news on City of the Gods: Ambassador? There’s a tiny bit of it — M. Scott Verne and I have been collaborating on new scenes this fall. However, we’ve both had other paying work (hooray!) that takes precedence, so our third novel has been on the back burner. I’m not sure I haveContinue reading “Characters and Gaming Alignments”