Fake Newsies

In case you missed the previous announcements on my Twitter feed and Facebook page, I want to make sure you know that I’m part of a brand new comedy podcast covering all the hottest, ratings-grabbing topics you need to stay woke through the tedium of another Fury Road commute, your kid’s flutophone recital, or your bad date’s open mic night at the gender grammar nazi poetry slam. (Nazi reference included to draw more attention to this post.) The Fakist premieres today and I hope you’ll give it a listen. Check out the trailer:

The character I play is Grace Huberstafforford, an NPR-esque serious reporter covering tough topics such as clown discrimination, death row euthanasia, and teacher creepers. You can enjoy the first episode here, or better yet, subscribe at Apple Podcasts where you can also listen to some sneak previews of future segments. New episodes drop every two weeks.

Watch for Grace’s social media accounts, coming soon!


Stop! Look! Listen!

Merry Christmas to all my Twitch viewers, book readers, and audiobook listeners! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday. Gifts are not a big part of my holiday experience, but here’s wishing that you received many treasures this month.

Year’s end is a time for reflection. I was unable to meet all my creative goals in 2017, but that’s okay. This past year felt like I was moving my pieces around a war game board to set up for a future attack. The time I did have free was dedicated mainly to my broadcasts on Twitch. They’re what I enjoy most at the moment and I hope that you will stop by, say hello, and become a follower. (On Twitch I go by the name TalkingTowhee – towhees are the birds shown in the Christmas card above!)

But there are newsworthy items I wanted to let you know about as 2017 draws to a close. First, STOP by Drivethrurpg.com .

Traps Bazaar, one of my gaming projects from way back in 1994 is available again as a digital download. Can your dungeon party survive this collection of devious traps specially curated by Grimtooth the troll and young Grimtina? I think not!

Next, take a LOOK at what’s coming in January at MarsCon in Williamsburg, VA. Here’s a sneak peek at the table of contents for Go Ahead and Howl, the werewolf anthology to benefit the Heritage Humane Society. Weather permitting, I will be at the convention on Saturday, January 13 for a signing, so look for me at the Dreampunk Press table.

Lastly, have a LISTEN to this interesting interview with my City of the Gods Universe creative partner Steve Crompton on The Susan Harmon Hour. Steve talks about the City of the Gods, mythology and more. You can hear this free at Soundcloud.com. Skip to the 31:37 mark to jump right to Steve’s interview.

I wish you all the best for 2018. My next update will come in late January with a look at what’s on the horizon for Spring.

A Writer’s Wild Life

A writer is a little like a wolf. Sometimes she’s “lone,” writing solo works. Other times she’s part of a pack, working on an anthology.

Not hard to guess what I’m promoting this month, is it? The werewolf short story anthology by Dreampunk Press now has an official title: Go Ahead and Howl. This project raises funds for Marscon 2018’s official charity, the Heritage Humane Society.

I previously shared a sneak peek to my Utopea tie-in story “Growlabouts.” I have since penned a second independent piece titled “A Chat with a Werewolf.” No spoilers here! Come to Marscon 2018 January 12-14th to get your signed copy. The ebook version will be available in February 2018.

Fun and Games and Desk Clearing

Normally I would begin an April post by welcoming spring, but my locality hasn’t committed to a consistent climate yet. One day the temperature tops 80F. A few days later, we get a hard freeze. On the positive side of this uncertainty, crappy weather does keep me inside at my computer, so things are getting done.

The last time I posted an update, I promised to release Mother of Ghosts for eBook readers. I’m happy to announce that goal has been met. The digital file is currently being shipped to all the usual retailers (as well as some unusual ones I’ve never heard of before) and will be showing up in their storefronts soon. In the meantime, if you’d like to get your own copy right now, just head over to Smashwords and download the version for your device for $1.99. You can even read a large preview of the book there for free.

One of the new projects I told you about last time was the audio book for City of the Gods: Forgotten. The contract has been signed and our amazing voice actor has finished recording several chapters. We are extremely excited about how vibrantly our story is coming to life and look forward to sharing some sneak peeks of the project with you as things progress. Two other projects in the City of the Gods Universe have also moved forward. The final rules edit was completed for the “Council of the Gods” card game and work will be beginning on card and component design in the near future. And, writing continues on Ambassador, the conclusion to the City of the Gods trilogy. Watch for a brand new sneak preview from the novel next month.

grimtooth-trapsylvania-cov-sml My part in a project I didn’t even know about the last time I wrote to you has also been completed. I was thrilled to be asked to contribute to Trapsylvania, the brand new Grimtooth book being put together by City of the Gods artist/gaming genius Steve Crompton and his friends at Goodman Games. Steve had the fun concept of “getting the band back together” and including pieces in the book from everyone who has been part of Grimtooth the Troll’s published history. Stay tuned for more information on the release of this devious volume.

Lastly, the card game Awkward Compliments has moved into its Beta phase and I am looking for play testers to join me online at Roll20.net to play demo games. If you are interested, please leave a comment to this post and I’ll be in touch.

Ghosts of Conventions Future

Mother of Ghosts has been released in paperback! You’ll find it a shorter work than what you’re used to seeing from me. The project evolved during its development from a single extremely long book outline into a series of novellas. I hope you like the concept and are intrigued by the horrifying mysteries that Gaius and his Roman friends must confront. Mother of Ghosts sets 18-year old Gaius on a strange path and future books will follow him well into his old age. I suppose that’s a mild spoiler, but if you prefer books where the main character doesn’t die, you will like this series. His adventures will continue in A Fall of Green Peaches (slated for 2017) and Sleep On, Lost Years (slated for 2018). For more details on the book, check out my press release.

Art canvas by Steve Crompton from City of the Gods: Guardian.

Art canvas by Steve Crompton from City of the Gods: Guardian.

If you’d like to get your copy of Mother of Ghosts (or any of my other books) signed, I’ll be at MarsCon in Williamsburg, VA January 15 – 17. You can ask me about the upcoming third novel in the City of the Gods series, Ambassador, and feast your eyes on a beautiful art canvas by Steve Crompton from the cover of City of the Gods: Guardian. I love to give out costume prizes, so if you happen to be dressed as anything supernatural, stop by my table in Author/Artist Alley for your swag.

MarsCon “Sweet 16” celebrates Women in Science Fiction this year, and features all the great programming you’d expect from a con along with unique extras like “Splendid Teapot Racing” – the “Cookie Conspiracy” cookie exchange – Doctor Who high tea party – and an amazing con suite. Since I’ll be at my author’s alley table I’ll miss most of that, but I’ll try to send one of my minions to take photos of all the fun.

As always, I’ll have lowered “convention only” pricing on many titles, so make sure to stop by my table for these special deals. See you in Williamsburg!

Mythic Tales 2 Now Available – Interior Art Preview

Are you ready to revisit the City of the Gods?
Our second book in the Mythic Tales anthology series is now available in paperback. Amazon.com direct purchase link. E-book formats will be available soon.

I truly enjoy working on our anthologies. These are the projects that allow us to invite other writers into our world and let them build it with us. Here are two of my favorite interior illustrations, put together by our talented art director Steve Crompton:

Mazu takes her tea, from A Knight and a Water Goddess by Ken St. Andre
The ruins of the Jolly Rajah, from Preview to City of the Gods: Ambassador by Wynn Mercere

If you would like a story of your own to appear in the next anthology, you have plenty of time to do your required reading in the City of the Gods Universe. Mythic Tales 3 will be released in 2016; in 2015, you can look forward to the third full novel, City of the Gods: Ambassador.