Stop! Look! Listen!

Merry Christmas to all my Twitch viewers, book readers, and audiobook listeners! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday. Gifts are not a big part of my holiday experience, but here’s wishing that you received many treasures this month. Year’s end is a time for reflection. I was unable to meet all my creativeContinue reading “Stop! Look! Listen!”

A Writer’s Wild Life

A writer is a little like a wolf. Sometimes she’s “lone,” writing solo works. Other times she’s part of a pack, working on an anthology. Not hard to guess what I’m promoting this month, is it? The werewolf short story anthology by Dreampunk Press now has an official title: Go Ahead and Howl. This projectContinue reading “A Writer’s Wild Life”

Fun and Games and Desk Clearing

Normally I would begin an April post by welcoming spring, but my locality hasn’t committed to a consistent climate yet. One day the temperature tops 80F. A few days later, we get a hard freeze. On the positive side of this uncertainty, crappy weather does keep me inside at my computer, so things are gettingContinue reading “Fun and Games and Desk Clearing”

Ghosts of Conventions Future

Mother of Ghosts has been released in paperback! You’ll find it a shorter work than what you’re used to seeing from me. The project evolved during its development from a single extremely long book outline into a series of novellas. I hope you like the concept and are intrigued by the horrifying mysteries that GaiusContinue reading “Ghosts of Conventions Future”

Mythic Tales 2 Now Available – Interior Art Preview

Are you ready to revisit the City of the Gods? Our second book in the Mythic Tales anthology series is now available in paperback. direct purchase link. E-book formats will be available soon. I truly enjoy working on our anthologies. These are the projects that allow us to invite other writers into our worldContinue reading “Mythic Tales 2 Now Available – Interior Art Preview”