City of the Gods graphic designer Steve Crompton has a brand new book out and it contains a few of our comic book collaborations from the distant past – one going back as far as 1984! Steve has put together a collection of art from his archives. The multi-genre peek into his dead files includes comics from projects that never found a publisher, titles that were cancelled, as well as strips and specialty ‘toons that had very limited distribution. You’ll spy my contributions under my other pen names Deb Wykle and Debora Kerr.
Lost Comics Cover
City of the Gods fans will enjoy a deleted scene from the early Pantheon comics. You can pick up the digital edition of SS Crompton’s Lost Comics today for $1.99 or watch the book’s Createspace page where the paperback version will be available soon.

It’s hard to believe Steve and I have been friends and co-creators for almost (eep!) 30 years! Time flies . . .


New Book – See the City in Color

aogcoverA new publication in the City of the Gods Universe is now available: The Art of the Gods.

Artistic Director Steve Crompton has put together a lovely booklet which features selected art from our novels in full color. Steve discusses the technical aspects of creating the illustrations for the City of the Gods novels complete with “before and after” sequences of the steps involved in his work. It’s a beautiful look behind the scenes at his visual world-building. I wrote the introduction for this publication, which also includes a bit of commentary by both me and M. Scott Verne.

Art of the Gods is available immediately as a downloadable PDF for just $1.99. Just click the cover above to visit the purchase link at DriveThruComics. The printed version will be available in a few days from CreateSpace.

Check out the free 10-page preview at DriveThruComics!

On the Wings of Angels!

Perhaps not that quickly, but copies of City of the Gods: Guardian have been mailed to all of our Kickstarter donors who pledged at the book level and above.
000 CoG Mailing

What’s next?

We hope to continue our publishing schedule of releasing an anthology in even numbered years (2014) and the next novel in 2015. M. Scott Verne and I have already begun preliminary discussions about plot points for the third novel and several stories have been submitted for Mythic Tales 2. Another gaming tie-in product is also simmering on our back burner.

As for other books, I am hoping to release a solo novel in late 2013/early 2014. This book will be different in tone from the City of the Gods series; however, it does include one character from mythology who has appeared in those books. If you like historical fiction and horror, keep an eye on my blog for more information on this project.

Guardian Release Round-Up

City of the Gods: Guardian was officially released May 9, 2013!

Are you ready for 440 more pages of adventure with D’Molay and the gods of the realms? We are so excited that this second novel in the series is ready for you! Readers will discover how D’Molay and Mazu track down Scylla and break the witch Circe’s curse. But that’s just one intriguing mystery that is brought to light. What about those strange, blood-filled urns? Will Set continue to avoid answering for his part in the war? And is D’Molay going mad?

Guardian includes over 175 illustrations of characters and settings, both old and new. A 30 page sneak preview is live at if you would like to take a peek. Click on the book cover at the following link to see it. SPOILERS AT THIS LINK! CLICK AT YOUR OWN RISK.

For our fans who pre-ordered through our Kickstarter campaign, we are waiting for your books to arrive from the printer. As soon as we have them in hand, they will be signed and shipped to you. Also ready for you is my 4,600 word writer’s commentary which will give you a chapter by chapter overview of our story choices along with other behind-the-scenes information about our writing process.

Upcoming Events

Would you like to buy our books at a convention and meet M. Scott Verne or Steve Crompton? Look for City of the Gods at Phoenix Comic Con (May 23 – 26, 2013 in Phoenix, AZ) and Gen Con Indy (August 15 – 18, 2013 in Indianapolis, IN). Booth information will be posted here when finalized.

More kickoff events are in the works. Watch for a new contest at Goodreads and there will also be opportunities for you to get some special City of the Gods swag for posting your reviews.

We’d like to thank our fans and Kickstarter supporters again for their amazing response to our second book. Remember to Like, +1, Pin, Tweet and Share our books over whatever social media you prefer. It really does help new readers discover our work.