Summer Convention Season Is Here!

Although 2017 is the year that I personally decided to take a break from attending conventions, that doesn’t mean you can’t get an in-person look at the latest novel in the City of the Gods Universe. Our beloved interior and cover designer Steve Crompton will be bringing a very special sneak preview to Phoenix ComicCon May 25 – 28th.

This 32-page chapbook contains several chapters from the third and final novel, Ambassador. You’ll catch up with our heroes, get a peek at the villains’ new plans, and meet two new troublesome characters in these excerpts. The chapbook is illustrated with the adapted masterworks you are used to seeing in all our books.

Visit the Carnal Comics table for all the City of the Gods swag. Pick up a print or some beautiful canvas art from our world. You may even meet some City of the Gods cosplayers! And if you can’t make it to Phoenix, make sure you sign up for my newsletter. The June issue will have photos from the convention.


Spring Revival – Return of the Newsletter


Long-time readers will recall that my author newsletter has been on hiatus for quite some time. I’ve relied on this blog and Facebook to keep everyone connected. However, I know that many of you who follow my page on Facebook are missing out on some great content due to the way Facebook chooses what posts you get to see. (They want me to buy their advertising to reach you, you see!) So to make things a little easier for all of us, and to build a tighter, more engaged and fun community, I am again offering you a newsletter that will deliver all the info you need about what I’m up to in the worlds of writing, gaming, and live streaming.  More importantly, every issue will contain a free gift! And, you also get an entire book absolutely FREE just for signing up.

I won’t be using my old email list, as it is probably out of date. So please sign up with your current address using the handy button below.


In the Spirit of Free Stuff:

Who wants to see a sneak peek of City of the Gods: Ambassador? Here’s the very first page! This scene and more will be available as a 36-page preview booklet that will debut at Phoenix Comic Con at the end of May. If you can’t make it to the convention, make sure to sign up for my newsletter to get your own digital copy a little later this summer!ambassador p1

City of the Gods: Ambassador News

In my May update, I promised a new sneak peek from the conclusion of City of the Gods. M. Scott Verne and I have been fiercely writing the third book, Ambassador, and the time has come to treat our trilogy’s fans to another preview. The following scene features the deities Shiva and Lamasthu – and contains no spoilers for those who may have not yet read Forgotten or Guardian. I invite you to join the gods aboard Shiva’s flying Vimana, a temple on the back of an immense golden bird, the spiritual essence of the freedom of flight! Continue reading

The Look of the Book

With Mythic Tales 2 in final art and layout phase, it’s time for a pre-release look at how the anthology is shaping up. Visually, the volume will be very similar to the first, with an interior comprised of stories illustrated with gray scale or line art. However, the story arrangement will be slightly different. Titles are separated into one of two sections: stories featuring mortals, and stories featuring gods. We realized in edits that we had an even split between the two types of tales and decided to let that show in the layout. Look for stories with City of the Gods hero D’Molay in the mortal section.

Here’s a page from my story, Seven Steps to Freedom.


Mythic Tales 2 On Track For Winter Release

Another short story collection set in the City of the Gods Universe is drawing nearer to its release date (December 2014). Would you like a sneak peek of the cover?
Anthogy Cover2 9x6 (Artwork not final and may change)

We have a great line-up of stories for you by familiar and new authors. Let us tell you about:

  • the first meeting of D’Molay and Mazu
  • the fate of the ship’s crew that sailed D’Molay and Aavi to Dioscrias
  • the time Mazu negotiated with the Greek deities
  • the boy a slaver saved from slavery
  • the ring D’Molay won from Odin
  • the threat to Tenh-Mer’s freedom
  • the short reign of a dog goddess
  • and more!

We are truly thrilled that other authors enjoy writing in our universe. Would you like to join them? Leave a comment if you would like to be notified when submissions open for Mythic Tales 3.