Stop! Look! Listen!

Merry Christmas to all my Twitch viewers, book readers, and audiobook listeners! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday. Gifts are not a big part of my holiday experience, but here’s wishing that you received many treasures this month.

Year’s end is a time for reflection. I was unable to meet all my creative goals in 2017, but that’s okay. This past year felt like I was moving my pieces around a war game board to set up for a future attack. The time I did have free was dedicated mainly to my broadcasts on Twitch. They’re what I enjoy most at the moment and I hope that you will stop by, say hello, and become a follower. (On Twitch I go by the name TalkingTowhee – towhees are the birds shown in the Christmas card above!)

But there are newsworthy items I wanted to let you know about as 2017 draws to a close. First, STOP by .

Traps Bazaar, one of my gaming projects from way back in 1994 is available again as a digital download. Can your dungeon party survive this collection of devious traps specially curated by Grimtooth the troll and young Grimtina? I think not!

Next, take a LOOK at what’s coming in January at MarsCon in Williamsburg, VA. Here’s a sneak peek at the table of contents for Go Ahead and Howl, the werewolf anthology to benefit the Heritage Humane Society. Weather permitting, I will be at the convention on Saturday, January 13 for a signing, so look for me at the Dreampunk Press table.

Lastly, have a LISTEN to this interesting interview with my City of the Gods Universe creative partner Steve Crompton on The Susan Harmon Hour. Steve talks about the City of the Gods, mythology and more. You can hear this free at Skip to the 31:37 mark to jump right to Steve’s interview.

I wish you all the best for 2018. My next update will come in late January with a look at what’s on the horizon for Spring.


Summer Convention Season Is Here!

Although 2017 is the year that I personally decided to take a break from attending conventions, that doesn’t mean you can’t get an in-person look at the latest novel in the City of the Gods Universe. Our beloved interior and cover designer Steve Crompton will be bringing a very special sneak preview to Phoenix ComicCon May 25 – 28th.

This 32-page chapbook contains several chapters from the third and final novel, Ambassador. You’ll catch up with our heroes, get a peek at the villains’ new plans, and meet two new troublesome characters in these excerpts. The chapbook is illustrated with the adapted masterworks you are used to seeing in all our books.

Visit the Carnal Comics table for all the City of the Gods swag. Pick up a print or some beautiful canvas art from our world. You may even meet some City of the Gods cosplayers! And if you can’t make it to Phoenix, make sure you sign up for my newsletter. The June issue will have photos from the convention.

Bringing Untold Tales to Life

Promoting your books is as big a job as writing them, and I must admit that at conventions and book show tables I sometimes feel like more of a salesman than a creator. That’s why I love to get out into the community and speak about writing in general and encourage others to bring those projects they’ve been thinking about for years out of their heads and into reality.

On September 14, 2015, I was honored to speak at the District D Meeting of the Virginia Retired Teachers Association. My topic was titled “Everyone Should Publish A Book” and was well received by the audience. All of those attending are very active in community organizations and were eager to hear about the latest online tools to help them publish books and stories to advance their work.

So many I spoke with began the conversation with me by saying, “I always wanted to write about . . .”

My job was to convince each person that it wasn’t too late and that their idea was important. I hope I was persuasive. The president of the district challenged the members to return to next year’s meeting with their own published book. I have my fingers crossed many of them will.

Photographs by Herb Greene.

VRTA Book Talk 9/14/2015
VRTA Book Talk 9/14/2015VRTA Book Talk 9/14/2015

A Weekend in an Alley

One dismal, cool, rain-filled weekend in Richmond, Virginia, I spent three days in an alley — RavenCon’s Artist and Author Alley, to be precise. There was no better place to be! The con staff was great, the fans were friendly, and I had a great time talking to everyone about their work and my own. I wasn’t able to get away from my table to attend any events or panels, but I do have a few photos to share. There will be additional images appearing for my Patreon supporters later this week.

Upcoming Appearance At RavenCon

April 24 – 26, 2015
Richmond VA


Come visit me at my table at RavenCon’s Artist and Author’s Alley in April. I’ll have special deals on all the City of the Gods Universe books, stationery card sets, and other surprises in store. Stop by and chat about writing, monetizing your creative work, and learn about the cyptrocurrency called bitcoin. I will also have exclusive giveaways for anyone who comes by my table while cosplaying any character from mythology!

This is my first visit to RavenCon — I can’t wait!