Summer Convention Season Is Here!

Although 2017 is the year that I personally decided to take a break from attending conventions, that doesn’t mean you can’t get an in-person look at the latest novel in the City of the Gods Universe. Our beloved interior and cover designer Steve Crompton will be bringing a very special sneak preview to Phoenix ComicCon May 25 – 28th.

This 32-page chapbook contains several chapters from the third and final novel, Ambassador. You’ll catch up with our heroes, get a peek at the villains’ new plans, and meet two new troublesome characters in these excerpts. The chapbook is illustrated with the adapted masterworks you are used to seeing in all our books.

Visit the Carnal Comics table for all the City of the Gods swag. Pick up a print or some beautiful canvas art from our world. You may even meet some City of the Gods cosplayers! And if you can’t make it to Phoenix, make sure you sign up for my newsletter. The June issue will have photos from the convention.

News About Your Favorite Titles


Welcome everyone! You might read this blog because you’re a City of the Gods Universe fan. Or, you may have heard me mention my work during my Twitch TV broadcasts and have dropped in to see what I’ve been up to. You might have met me at a convention, or played in one of my demo card games of Awkward Compliments. However you have found my website, enjoy these updates on all those projects and more!

City of the Gods: There will be something new released at Phoenix Comic Con, May 25 – 28, 2017. Come back to my blog monthly until that date for hints about what it will be!

City of the Gods, Planet Coaster Builds: Not everything in the realms is epic and huge. Here’s one of the crystal guardian stations manned by its hidden deity of discernment. Will you be judged worthy of entry to the City?

Utopea: The Arrow newspaper of the mysterious town of Utopea once published these intriguing lines. “A black wolf was spotted on the ridge over east hollow last full moon. Ben Moates said he couldn’t be sure if it was one of his kin or a regular beast.” I can confirm that there are indeed werewolves lurking in the forest, and in 2018 their story will be told. I have been invited to contribute a tale to a werewolf anthology which will debut at MarsCon 2018, January 12 – 14 in Williamsburg, VA. If you haven’t yet guessed, the convention’s theme is “Werewolves of MarsCon!”

Awkward Compliments Card Game: Our sales page at Gamecrafter has been updated to reflect our new packaging. Awkward Compliments now comes in a Large Pro Box which contains the three 108 card decks of the base game and allows room for storing future expansions. Rules now come printed on deck cards, so no more paper instructions. We have also been awarded the “Red Stone Seller” accolade.

Your next chance to meet the Awkward Compliments team will be at RavenCon, April 28 – 30, 2017 in Williamsburg, VA. Stop by the Dreampunk Press table, buy the game, and receive convention-only bonuses!

Happy Spring to all my readers and gaming friends. I’ll be back in April with more news on all these projects and more.

Seeing My Shadow

groundhogday Happy Groundhog Day! The little critter saw his shadow, so legend decrees that winter will hang on for six more weeks. I’ll treat that as an extended creative deadline, for when spring and warmer weather come along it’s even harder for me to keep myself at work at my writing desk. My list of unfinished projects drag behind me like a darkening shadow, things that I would like to complete yet am having trouble devoting time to. I suppose that’s the mixed blessing of having so many interests that not all of them get the same attention.

Despite my lack of drive, progress has been made on several fronts. The City of the Gods: Forgotten audiobook production continues and is in its 30th chapter. I am also working with the Awkward Compliments team for an April relaunch of the game at RavenCon, and writing progresses with glacial slowness on City of the Gods: Ambassador.

In addition, I have launched the epic undertaking of streaming Planet Coaster builds of City of the Gods properties on Twitch TV. Here’s a look at the Royal Hotel from D’Molay’s neighborhood in the City, The Settlement. The concept is based on item 51 on the map from the City of the Gods Map pack (inset). This build is still in progress and currently contains over 1,100 pieces. Next month I’ll show you what it looks like inside! Click the picture to view a larger image.


City of the Gods: Ambassador News

In my May update, I promised a new sneak peek from the conclusion of City of the Gods. M. Scott Verne and I have been fiercely writing the third book, Ambassador, and the time has come to treat our trilogy’s fans to another preview. The following scene features the deities Shiva and Lamasthu – and contains no spoilers for those who may have not yet read Forgotten or Guardian. I invite you to join the gods aboard Shiva’s flying Vimana, a temple on the back of an immense golden bird, the spiritual essence of the freedom of flight! Continue reading

Fun and Games and Desk Clearing

Normally I would begin an April post by welcoming spring, but my locality hasn’t committed to a consistent climate yet. One day the temperature tops 80F. A few days later, we get a hard freeze. On the positive side of this uncertainty, crappy weather does keep me inside at my computer, so things are getting done.

The last time I posted an update, I promised to release Mother of Ghosts for eBook readers. I’m happy to announce that goal has been met. The digital file is currently being shipped to all the usual retailers (as well as some unusual ones I’ve never heard of before) and will be showing up in their storefronts soon. In the meantime, if you’d like to get your own copy right now, just head over to Smashwords and download the version for your device for $1.99. You can even read a large preview of the book there for free.

One of the new projects I told you about last time was the audio book for City of the Gods: Forgotten. The contract has been signed and our amazing voice actor has finished recording several chapters. We are extremely excited about how vibrantly our story is coming to life and look forward to sharing some sneak peeks of the project with you as things progress. Two other projects in the City of the Gods Universe have also moved forward. The final rules edit was completed for the “Council of the Gods” card game and work will be beginning on card and component design in the near future. And, writing continues on Ambassador, the conclusion to the City of the Gods trilogy. Watch for a brand new sneak preview from the novel next month.

grimtooth-trapsylvania-cov-sml My part in a project I didn’t even know about the last time I wrote to you has also been completed. I was thrilled to be asked to contribute to Trapsylvania, the brand new Grimtooth book being put together by City of the Gods artist/gaming genius Steve Crompton and his friends at Goodman Games. Steve had the fun concept of “getting the band back together” and including pieces in the book from everyone who has been part of Grimtooth the Troll’s published history. Stay tuned for more information on the release of this devious volume.

Lastly, the card game Awkward Compliments has moved into its Beta phase and I am looking for play testers to join me online at to play demo games. If you are interested, please leave a comment to this post and I’ll be in touch.

Happy Mardi Gras! And Project Flash FAQ

Shiva float 2016, Krewe of Proteus. Screencap from #paradecam at

Shiva float 2016, Krewe of Proteus. Screencap from #paradecam at

It’s that time of year where pleasure and pain seem to collide: it’s both Mardi Gras and tax preparation season. While I’ve been enjoying the online streams of parades (which are full of mythology-themed floats that remind me of the City of the Gods), I’ve also been gathering all the paperwork for IRS reporting. That includes income from my books.

2015’s best seller from online customers was Utopea through Amazon. Its success is making me consider another title set in that world. If that is something you’d like, please let me know.

City of the Gods: Forgotten won the sales race at conventions and book shows. Showing off its interior art and explaining the concept of this epic fantasy universe face-to-face sells this series better than catalog descriptions. So if you have any questions about City of the Gods Universe, ask away! I’m happy to fill you in.


When is book three (City of the Gods: Ambassador) coming out?
The answer remains 2016. M.Scott Verne and I are still cranking away on the writing. Plot threads I’m handling right now center on chaos and conflict in the City’s streets and the return of a god who has been missing for a very long time.

Where’s the ebook version of Mother of Ghosts?
Confession time. I completely forgot about it over the last month. Several projects old and new took over my desk. I’ll definitely release this in March 2016.

What are these new projects of which you speak?

  • Council of the Gods card game – the final adjustments to game mechanics have been made and production work is moving forward
  • City of the Gods: Forgotten Audio Book – we are currently auditioning voice actors and negotiating contracts
  • Awkward Compliments! – this is a brand new card game I am working on with a great development team. We are not even in Alpha yet, but please LIKE and follow our Facebook page to keep up with the process.