Upcoming Appearance At RavenCon


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April 24 – 26, 2015
Richmond VA


Come visit me at my table at RavenCon’s Artist and Author’s Alley in April. I’ll have special deals on all the City of the Gods Universe books, stationery card sets, and other surprises in store. Stop by and chat about writing, monetizing your creative work, and learn about the cyptrocurrency called bitcoin. I will also have exclusive giveaways for anyone who comes by my table while cosplaying any character from mythology!

This is my first visit to RavenCon — I can’t wait!

Come Along for the Ride


I had an interesting and unusual dream last night that involved riding a city bus. I think my subconscious was abstracting the concept of “moving forward” with new projects. It’s understandable that such a topic would be foremost in my brain; yesterday I launched a brand new venture:
Patreon is an innovative website where you can support your favorite creators and earn special rewards. I am offering many different types of exclusives (deleted scenes, hand-crafted merchandise, videos, etc.) as I work toward the goal of producing a Zephyrus and Eros web comic. I hope you will visit my Patreon page to see what it’s all about. It’s different than a Kickstarter drive; instead of just helping with one project, you’ll have a front row seat to everything I’m making, with opportunities to contribute your assistance and ideas. I would also truly appreciate your help sharing this new venture through your social media accounts. You’ll see the icons for Twitter, Facebook, etc. on my Patreon page. Every click helps! Let’s get my creative bus to its next stops in the City of the Gods and other worlds!

The City of the Gods Accepts Bitcoin

Mythology may seem pretty old school, but that doesn’t mean the gods can’t keep up with the inventions of our modern times. I’m kicking off 2015 with the big news that you can now purchase PDF versions of City of the Gods novels and anthologies using Bitcoin. 

You can always find the Bitcoin Shopping Portal in the Quick Nav directory on the left side of this page.

If you are curious about Bitcoin and would like to know what it’s all about, here’s a helpful video:

Mythic Tales 2 Now Available – Interior Art Preview


Are you ready to revisit the City of the Gods?
Our second book in the Mythic Tales anthology series is now available in paperback. Amazon.com direct purchase link. E-book formats will be available soon.

I truly enjoy working on our anthologies. These are the projects that allow us to invite other writers into our world and let them build it with us. Here are two of my favorite interior illustrations, put together by our talented art director Steve Crompton:

Mazu takes her tea, from A Knight and a Water Goddess by Ken St. Andre
The ruins of the Jolly Rajah, from Preview to City of the Gods: Ambassador by Wynn Mercere

If you would like a story of your own to appear in the next anthology, you have plenty of time to do your required reading in the City of the Gods Universe. Mythic Tales 3 will be released in 2016; in 2015, you can look forward to the third full novel, City of the Gods: Ambassador.

New Posts in Partner Blogs


Looking for additional news of City of the Gods Universe projects? You can find out more in the blogs of our contributors.

Our Art Director Steven S. Crompton has posted an overview of all the publications he has worked on in 2014. Look, there’s Mythic Tales 2!

Writer Randy Lindsay has updated his website with an exclusive sneak peek of the art from his Mythic Tales 2 story, Bloody Hector. There’s also news on his other anthology story and his independent novel projects.

The Look of the Book



With Mythic Tales 2 in final art and layout phase, it’s time for a pre-release look at how the anthology is shaping up. Visually, the volume will be very similar to the first, with an interior comprised of stories illustrated with gray scale or line art. However, the story arrangement will be slightly different. Titles are separated into one of two sections: stories featuring mortals, and stories featuring gods. We realized in edits that we had an even split between the two types of tales and decided to let that show in the layout. Look for stories with City of the Gods hero D’Molay in the mortal section.

Here’s a page from my story, Seven Steps to Freedom.


Dragon Con 2014 Mini-Report


If I were only permitted to say one thing about Dragon Con 2014, I’d remark that it went by the quickest of any Dragon Con I’ve attended — and 2014 was my 12th time. Most of my convention shenanigans are not appropriate topics for this book blog so I’ll stick to more genteel stories. You’ll have to find me at Dragon Con 2015 and buy me a Bucket of Rum if you want to hear other epic tales.

First, I’d like to thank everyone who came out for the City of the Gods giveaway. Be sure to let us know what you thought of Mythic Tales. The second volume will be out later this year. I still have a few souvenir ORIGINS card decks with the collectible COG card inside. If you would like one, just post a review of one of our books somewhere and send me the link. Now, on to the con report:

I’m not terribly interested in getting autographs from actors or going to panels about TV shows and movies. I’d much prefer to spend my time checking out what other creators are making and selling. There is always something new to discover in the art show, at the comic creators’ tables or in the dealer room. Check out this cute sketch by Accidental Centaurs artist and writer John Lotshaw:


We also stopped to chat with Bill Holbrook, creator of the popular Kevin & Kell books and discovered Brian Defferding’s School: A Ghost Story series. Jennie Breeden’s What Not to Say in the Bedroom book also found its way into our shopping bag (ahem). Several book publishing imprints had special promotions for their label’s authors and I hit a few of those events to investigate their advertising giveaways and reader swag. I really enjoyed learning about how other authors and artists promote and monetize their work. Now that convention season is over, it’s back to work for me as well.

Find Me At Dragon Con For Prizes


I love conventions and I love meeting readers at them. If you are going to be at Dragon Con 2014, I have a gift for you!

Pending schedule changes, I will be lurking near the Hilton Grand Ballroom West about 3:45 p.m. on Friday, August 29. That’s where the 4 PM “Gaming to Novel and Back Again” panel will be held. I have no idea what crazy costume I may be in at the time, but I will be carrying a stack of City of the Gods bookmarks. Wave me over and you’ll get a free book and maybe an extra surprise as well.

If the time or place of this panel is changed, I will tweet a new plan. Pray to the gods of the congested Atlanta cell towers for mercy if I have to do this during the con!

(Disclaimer: I am in no way involved with the “Gaming to Novel and Back Again” panel; it just sounds like an awesome topic.)

Mythic Tales 2 On Track For Winter Release

Another short story collection set in the City of the Gods Universe is drawing nearer to its release date (December 2014). Would you like a sneak peek of the cover?
Anthogy Cover2 9x6 (Artwork not final and may change)

We have a great line-up of stories for you by familiar and new authors. Let us tell you about:

  • the first meeting of D’Molay and Mazu
  • the fate of the ship’s crew that sailed D’Molay and Aavi to Dioscrias
  • the time Mazu negotiated with the Greek deities
  • the boy a slaver saved from slavery
  • the ring D’Molay won from Odin
  • the threat to Tenh-Mer’s freedom
  • the short reign of a dog goddess
  • and more!

We are truly thrilled that other authors enjoy writing in our universe. Would you like to join them? Leave a comment if you would like to be notified when submissions open for Mythic Tales 3.

The Link Between Superheroes and Gods


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The City of the Gods Universe embraces many forms of expression: novels, short stories, games, art and comics. M. Scott Verne and I love conventions. With our world represented in so many different types of media, we can always offer an angle of interest to sci-fi, fantasy or gaming con-goers. At San Diego Comic Con 2014, M. Scott Verne appeared on the “Spiritual Themes in Comics” panel presented by the Christian Comic Arts Society. Here’s a photo courtesy of fellow panelist John J. Schafer (producer of the animated series Superbook).

atsdcc2014 SDCC 2014 “Spiritual Themes in Comics” panel: John J. Schafer (left), M. Scott Verne (center), B. Dave Walters (right)

Back in the mid-90s, the seeds for the City of the Gods Universe were planted with the three-issue comic series Pantheon (published by Debora Kerr’s old company Archer Books and Games). The tagline for the books was “They’re Not Superheroes, They’re Gods!” But is there really such a difference? At the panel, M. Scott discussed the design similarity between popular comic characters and mythological ones. Most follow the archetype of the flawed uber-man. Parallels can be drawn between the Hulk and Gilgamesh, or Tony Stark and Icarus. Pride, anger, addiction and other foibles disadvantage otherwise perfect beings and help us “normals” deal with our own failings. The topic is a rich one for discussion and we hope to explore it on other panels in the future.

Invite us to your convention and we’ll tell you more!


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