Keep Up With Me In 2020

WordPress has been my online base of operations for a decade. However, the time has come to move on to other platforms. Here’s where you can keep current with my projects in the new year: – Non-censored, non-shadow banned, non-“fact checked” opinions.

flote.appFlote is a nifty combination of the services you find on Patreon, Twitter and Facebook, with the additional ability to live stream to the platform. I will be posting “tweetish” random thoughts along with updates about my various creative projects. – This is a Facebook alternative that rewards you for posting content with tokens, which you can then use to tip others or spend to boost your own content. Much of what I post here is my photography and socio-political commentary. If you are sick of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google determining what you can read and whose posts you can see, you might want to give a try. – If you’ve never heard of LBRY, it’s a content sharing platform free from centralized authority and the capricious censorship that comes with control. It will be the home for my new show, Then-A-Days, which delves into the entertaining aspects of historical documents. Download the LBRY app and subscribe to my @Thenadays channel.

Do Anything Media – I have had the absolute pleasure of working with the amazing group of creators who are coming together under the banner of Do Anything Media. Please check out our past shows, such as The Fakist and The Fakist Headlines. I’ve voice-acted and written bits for both over the past season. You can find them in your favorite podcast app.

Talking Towhee – I am expanding my gaming live streams to multiple channels in 2020. You can find my show on Twitch TV and visit my gaming content creator page on Facebook. I would love to chat with you during one of my shows, and if you could drop me likes, subs, and follows on those sites (even if you don’t plan to watch) I would greatly appreciate the support.

Grace Huberstafforford’s Top Stories – My character from The Fakist tweets crazy headlines that may or may not be fake news every weekday.

Books and Gaming Products – Old content on WordPress sites will remain accessible through the tabs at the top of this page. I am not sure that 2020 will see any solo long-form writing or game design products from me, as I am transitioning toward more collaborative multi-media work.

More links coming soon!

Why I am leaving mainstream platforms

I am highly concerned about the censorious acts of the mainstream services such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, Patreon and indeed WordPress. From the removal of posts, to shadow banning, to deletion of entire accounts, the list of Big Brother actions is lengthy. Even more disturbing are the actions of payment processors such as PayPal and conventional banks denying companies who sell things they don’t like the ability to take credit card payments from willing customers. As an advocate for emerging blockchain technologies, tokenization economies, and cryptocurrencies, I am actively supporting platforms friendly to free speech and free trade. Future content I create will be decentralized and less subject to takedowns by corporate gatekeepers or rage mobs who may disagree with my creations, views and topics.