Keep Up With Me In 2020

Wynn Mercere is a writer, screenwriter, game designer, live-streamer and artist interested in history, free speech, and new technologies. Projects that are multimedial and collaborative are the first to catch her eye. She’s been published in the tabletop gaming industry since the mid-1980s and has produced a wide body of work that includes novels, articles, TV commercials, non-fiction works and gallery exhibitions. Wynn also streams video gaming content regularly as “Talking Towhee” on several platforms.

Find My Content

Hit the links at the top of this page for information on fiction works from the last decade. More recent activities can be found at the following social media sites:

Facebook – New books and projects are announced on my Facebook page. Drop a Like to keep up with every new creative project I’m involved in.

Talking Towhee – I am expanding my gaming live streams to multiple channels in 2021. You can find my show on Twitch TV and visit my gaming content creator page on Facebook. I would love to chat with you during one of my shows, and if you could drop me likes, subs, and follows on those sites (even if you don’t plan to watch) I would greatly appreciate the support. – This is a Facebook alternative that rewards you for posting content with tokens, which you can then use to tip others or spend to boost your own content. Much of what I post here is my photography and socio-political commentary. If you are sick of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google determining what you can read and whose posts you can see, you might want to give a try. – Non-censored, non-shadow banned, non-“fact checked” opinions.

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